Mig Welders in Automotive

What is the policy on mig welding in the automotive area? I have an exhaust pipe that keeps coming loose and thought about putting a few tack welds where it clamps together under the passenger compartment.

Someone else may know better, but there should be a portable welding screen you can move out into the auto bay, as well as a blue extension cord that fits the welder and plugs in near the electric car charger area.

Try and make sure everyone around you knows not to look at the bright light, and protect others as much as you can they may not understand why it’s dangerous. Obviously try and keep yourself safe as well, there’s a lot that can catch fire or short out during welding on a vehicle.


There’s a tank with a regulator in metal shop you can hook up, and you can plug the mig welder into the car charger plug. Bring a friend to help with the screening so you don’t flash anybody, and I personally hand out safety glasses to anybody nearby just in case.

Mig welding your exhaust without backpurging will not give you a great finish but it can stick stuff together and plug leaks. Whatever your plan is, make sure at the end you’ve still got at least three good exhaust hangars. Vibration isn’t good for welds. We’ve learned the hard way a few times on the race car.


Awesome!! @malcolmputer & @Bizwacky Thank you for your help.


So glad someone brought this up I’ve been meaning to ask where the extension cord is. It used to hang where the electric car charger box is however it is now missing. I believe it was a 240 volt 30 amp extension. I also need to do some exhaust work however haven’t been able to find it.