MGB - for sale -

Looking to get rid of an MGB that was a never-realized project for someone. The VIN lookup gives the following information:

Make: G - MG
Engine Type: H - BMC B-Series engine, 1.8L (MGB)
Body Type: N - 2 seated roadster
Series: 5 - Mk3 (1970-1979)
Market: U - USA (left-hand drive)
Model Year: G - 1976
7+ Car Number: 408243 - 408243

Notes: My understanding is the engine is NOT an MGB engine. Maybe a Fiat? The car/parts location is McAllen, Texas.

What is the name on the distributor? I believe most MG’s were Lucas and all the FIATs I’ve had were Magneti Marelli.

Thanks for the info, David.

It says Lucas. So I guess it is an MGB engine …

Are smoke seals intact?

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Sorry, David. Not sure what you mean by smoke seal.

If the seals are shot, the smoke leaks out. Common on Lucas products… :wink:

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Lucas…Prince of Darkness.
Remember someone at a SCCA Road Race at Hallett making this observation.


Ah, a prop wash joke.

There’s no oil under the car. Guess we need to add some.


Running joke about British cars that have Lucas electrical systems: they commonly short out or fry themselves (whereas Magneti Marelli just fail). To fix them you need Lucas replacement smoke to refill them, sold as a kit with the injectors.:grin:

Be grateful it’s not a Chrysler Turbo Encabulator that went out!