Metal shop safety and orientation

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Is there a way to find out when the next metal workshop safety/orientation class will be? Did not see it at all on the events schedule (all the way out to June).

That’s an online class nowadays.
You’ll have to login (username and account password) to see the list. You’re looking for Hot Process Safety.

After that, you would probably need to ask for what class you’re looking for. All the teachers are volunteers, so we only tend to put up classes when we know people are looking for them.


I’m only looking for access to a chop/miter saw, and the drill press for aluminum. Will the online orientation give me what I need to access these tools, or will I need an additional class/orientation?

Neither of those are in the “metal shop”. They are machine shop

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Come to DMS on Thursday night and I will show you how to use them safely. @Team_Machine_Shop


I am attending the wood shop safety/orientation on Thursday the 11th between 630 and 930. Can I meet you either before that or after that time period?

After sure.

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See you then. Thx

We have three committees that have metal-related tools. Although there are some similar tools (like bandsaws), they are (mostly) related to the primary charter of the specific committee. And that’s largely an historical artifact that may not make sense until you hang around a little longer :grin:.

Metal shop is primarily, but not exclusively, sheet metal and hot processes (plasma, welding, powder coat). Machine Shop is machining. Both have common prep tools (saws, etc.) that differ between the committees. Blacksmithing is fairly self-explanatory.

Anyway, you can look at the Tools list for those three committees and see what each one encompasses. The list also links to various specs, manuals, etc. and tells you what needs training.

Machine Shop
Metal Shop


The wood shop safety/orientation class on Thursday the 11th was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday the 14th at 2:00. Do you still want to meet on Thursday the 11th for the machine shop safety? My schedule is wide open. I can meet you anytime that works for you (other than during wood shop safety class on Sunday). Please just give me a date and time and I will be there.

I’ll be at DMS tonight. I don’t usually keep a set schedule. @TBJK is there on Thursday nights. I am there most nights. Come find me.