Metal shop questions

I’m a frequent user of the Vapor Hone and find it invaluable for restoring old auto parts. Now that we have a powder coating oven and a powder spray booth setup, these two have more than paid for my membership for a few months, by not having to buy new parts.

My first question is, do we have a new piece of sight glass and rubber strip on order for the Vapor Hone? The glass has been cracked for what seems like months and water leaks through when using the hose to clean off parts and when cleaning the interior of the cabinet.

My second question involves the horizontal saw that I used today to make some cuts in a section of mild steel 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipe. I have a 12" by 12" 1/4" plate steel that I need to cut a 4" by 6" section out of. Will the saw permit a 12" tall section to be cut off, or is that too high to clear the saw? I should have measured it today when I was there, but forgot until I got home. (the saw I’m referring to, is the one that squirts water on the blade as you are cutting)

The vapor hone:
We have the “glass” but the company no longer sells glass, they sell plastic (which etches). We need a custom piece of glass. We do have a new seal/gasket.

For the 1/4 plate, there are better ways to cut than a horizontal band saw. Normally I plasma cut it but we did just purchase an ironworker that will but it with ease (it’s 12 wide). That bandsaw is made for long tubing/angle/roundstock.


Thanks for the info on the band saw. Does the ironworker machine that you mentioned require training?

Yes. We just got it last week. It’s somewhat wired. We need to put together a curriculum for it because misuse can cause serious injury. I am out of town till tomorrow. Are you not trained on the dynatorch? The quick cut function will cut 1/4 plate in seconds.

Randy trained me over a year ago, but when I went to sign in on the CNC PC to setup a job, I was unable to sign in. Frankly, at that point I cut the piece I needed at the time manually. Also, I never went and purchased the consumables since my needs were few. Before I’d feel comfortable using the Dynatorch again, I’d want a refresher.

@BobK I can give you a refresher and I’ll check, maybe I didn’t add youvto the Active Directory group

Let me know the next time you plan on being out at DMS for other reasons, and I’ll stop by then.