Metal Shop Messes



Found more messes in the metal shop on my way out the door tonite. Did not have time to address the grinder or well saw.

White lithium all over the well saw

Putty? On the right grinder wheel

More aluminum on the left grinder wheel. I just dressed this wheel on sunday.

I’ll be back by in the morning if I have time to address before wwork. Otherwise I’ll get it tomorrow evening.




ugh. I think I found on the camera the person who made the lithium mess. grinders unsure


I’m going to look through the camera hopefully today and see if I can’t pinpoint the person or persons grinding aluminum.


@yashsedai, did you dress the wheel again Saturday? I know you dressed it Friday night/early Saturday morning when we were doing the press brake.


I’m drawing a blank here. I can’t remember now!


As I keep seeing threads like this, where something happens (argon empty/leads reversed) or a mess being made, and the committee chair has to review hours and hours of video, I begin to wonder if it is time that we require members in all areas to log their usage of the space/equipment.

For instance, a notebook at the entrance of metal shop with sheets where people would write their name, date, and start and end time when they were in the shop, and a summary of tools used and materials and tasks they performed.

This simple step would make it so much easier to identify who is not being excellent, and could really make a difference in ensuring people are accountable for what they’re doing in the space.

If we find the log doesn’t match what people are doing on video, that’s another issue to address. (Like not filling out the log at all)

Even if this was only used in certain areas or for specific tools (like welding area, or plasmacam) it would bring so much visibility and accountability to what’s going on.



How positively 19th century. :slight_smile:

What about a badge reader on the door, much like the wood shop hallway entrance?


19th century, but cheap and effective.
Badge in alone doesn’t tell you what the person was doing. Writing down “I used the saw” and leaving it a mess is going to mean you’re more likely to clean it up.

Also, the next person to use the saw and finds it a mess can see who the previous user was and make a note of that too.


True, but potentially ineffective. Personally, I’d hate that setup and it would probably drive me off of using that area. Widespread adoption would likely drive me away from DMS as a whole.

Having to badge into the room would at least give us an idea of who was in there. Perhaps with a button that said “I found a mess” that the next user can press. Logging those two events would definitely narrow down the search for offenders.


You think people that will leave a mess will bother to Log in?


No, but you’ll know who it wasn’t. Makes it easier to pinpoint when to look in video. And, if you don’t log in, there should be consequences like being banned from the area or lose membership for a month.

The amount of time the rest of us spend cleaning up after others and paying for things they break is getting out of hand. (See the jewelery mess thread) If anyone has a better idea, let us all know what it is.


You’d hate having to log in and report that you used an area or tool? Would you at least enjoy fewer messes, tools that aren’t ruined and accountability for who is doing it?


A log won’t fix the problem. The offenders won’t fill it out, as others have noted.


This is the actual answer. It’s not that difficult to review video, but if you don’t do anything other than a warning with the results, it’s wasted effort.


I personally do not want to have to sign in to an area to use the area. If you are going to do that… just get some RFID scanners and webcam trackers that follow you around the building. We don’t need that.


Difficult no, time consuming yes. So far I’ve made it to Monday at 12 am. Starting from Saturday morning at 2 am. Just to look for this individual who ground aluminum on the grinder. There will be consequences for that individual.


And not every tool in the entire place has 100% camera coverage either …


I will have new RFID interlock boards coming out of manufacturing in about 3 weeks they are a new revision so I need to test them but if anyone is interested in putting them on metal-shop equipment just let me know. If metal-shop does decide to do this please make sure you have a very accurate list of people trained for what you are using it on.


We have our own system that’s coming out of beta soon, thanks anyway.

As for a log book that’s not sustainable in the long term, however I do like the idea of a “I found a mess” button.


If it is literally a button, perhaps we should use Amazon Dash buttons?