Metal Shop Committee Meeting / Election / Dynatorch Vote 20200704

Hey Everyone,

we’re still having our Metal Shop Committee Meeting on July 4th. Since the meeting starts at 12pm, and usually all the committee matters besides cleaning are finished in under an hour, we are keeping the time. I did, however, setup a Google Meet for those who can’t be there anyway or otherwise not performing cleanup.

Date and Time

July 4th, 2020. 12pm-1pm for the meeting, 1pm-5pm for the usual cleanup.

Meeting Agenda


  • Vote on Chair (I guess I’ll keep at it until/if I get elected to the BoD)
  • Vote on the Scribe tool for the Dynatorch
  • Vote on whether we want to buy extended support for the Dynatorch

Background on the Scribe Tool

During the time we were closed, Dynatorch went out of business. One of their former techs is currently running an independent shop, and honouring Dynatorch warranties / providing parts and service. This means that production of the machines has become limited as, even if he does have the licensing for the Super B, we now have a production uncertainty for the upgrade parts that were not in the base machine such as the Scribe tool. The scribe tool is a pneumatic rotary attachment that adds an additional sub-Z axis, and allows for marking and engraving along the work area of the machine. This is convenient for a few reasons, such as marking bend lines in such as way that it will survive the heat of the machine, engraving large pieces of metal and sheet that won’t fit on our other machines, etc. It’s kind of like a Shapeoko on a much larger scale. This attachment is available since there was stock, but it is uncertain that it will continue to be available. As such, we need to discuss if we want to purchase it or if we don’t want such functionality in the long term. The attachment is approximately a $2,000 upgrade.

Whether to buy support

In the initial year of the Dynatorch I think we had two support cases. At least one was not solvable on our own, but I can’t speak for other cases where @TBJK dealt with their support. A years worth of support from their former tech will run us about $450

Discussion Topics

These don’t necessarily need a vote at the moment, but need to be discussed:

  • possible furnace donation for heat treating
  • teaching status
  • general “where we are and where we are going” talk


  • Cycle out water in Vapor Hone
  • General dust cleanup
  • slag on Dynatorch slats
  • Install gas cage bollards
  • Check all gas cylinder fill status
  • check all grinder wheels
  • Committee Fabrication Requests (currently have one from Glassworks to make a counterweight attachment for larger kiln)

Thanks for this.

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I would love a heat treatment oven. If we obtain one, is it going to be mobile enough to move outside on forge days? If not, is it possible to move it to a place where we can quickly access a door to outside. Keep in mind, these questions are considerations for oil quench. As per fire inspection rules we are only allowed to water quench inside. Without oil quench, we will be unable to harden a lot of steel alloys. Also, can we create a small heat treat area than includes the tempering oven and harness testing tools/files?

so it likely wouldn’t be able to be placed that close to a door. However, long term there will be a roll up door between the north warehouse and the south warehouse which will reduce the travel path. Due to footprint I’m unsure that blacksmithing would want it in their space though it could be an open discussion.

this type of furnace would be more like a heat treating kiln; it’s door is big and it could lose a lot of heat when opened. It was originally meant for Sintering steel 3d prints of that size (it was paired with an Erectorbot 3d printer)

It’s a 3x3x3 foot internal volume, hard-vacuum capable system rated up to 1600 C. However, when operating at full capacity and using a hard vacuum we can’t run it at the space since it will consume too much power. There is a possibility that, when using it under Argon/air/other instead of a hard vacuum, we can power it. I need to have @TBJK and/or @procterc take a look when we can arrange a time.

So follow up question. What are we gonna use it for? I never saw anyone use our old kiln. Chris said he treated aluminum welds once in it. Or is this one of those will take it cause it is free cases? I would rather a 1ft x 1ft portable nichrome kiln. That we can use outside occasionally and doesn’t take up a lot of space and has a trapdoor at the bottom for quick quench. We could probably make one at the space

So I’ve made use of that kiln, Chris W has, and I have seen it used by others. But that’s part of the discussion to be had because my personal observations may be biased towards oddball cases where it may be used versus what’s actually wanted. That’s what will make this a committee discussion.

Here is the link for the Virtual Meeting.
Teleconference information:
Meeting ID

Phone Numbers
‪+1 916-229-6050‬
PIN: ‪712 053 375#‬

Here is a copy of the minutes for the meeting:

Time, location

2020-07-04 12:00 Dallas Makerspace & Google Meet

Google Meet Recording


  • Jim Hartnett
  • Tim Bene
  • Kevin Patel
  • Patrick Thompson
  • Dave Shannon
  • HB Smart II
  • Max Holthaus
  • Charles Procter
  • Beth Bannister
  • Justin Walker
  • lamont fallon
  • Malcolm Galland


  • Vote Jim Hartnett for chair, knowing we made need a new vote next month pending board elections. - Unanimous (Kevin Patel wanted to note for the record that he still thinks Jim Hartnett is a dick)
  • Vote for a 12 month Dynatorch support contract - 1 in favor, 11 opposed. Motion Failed
  • Vote to buy the Dynatorch Scribe tool, pending a request to the board to cover half the purchase since it is a long term investment like the machine itself and currently sits at almost all of the metal budget - 9 for, 3 against. Motion passes

Tasks completed

  • Ran new cabling for cameras
  • Installed the gas bollards; they still need the concrete poured
  • General cleaning & checking equipment
  • Noted that the throatless shear needs new blades. MPS-2 model from Baileigh

Other discussions

  • Metal shop is still interested in maintaining heat treating capabilities. The committee wants to continue investigating the offer for a sintering furnace donation which was recently offered, or whether we want to procure/build a different unit.
  • Metal shop is interested in moving the donated Thermal Dynamics 105 Amp plasma generator onto the Dynatorch machine, and move the 85 Amp Hypertherm over to the welding bay for hand-torch use. This will require determining all parts, consumables, and operational adjustments required.
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That’s some high quality board member level attitude right there.


I guess I’ll have a lifetime (for me) supply of consumables for hand use, and likely sink $$$ into consumables for the new one.

One of the things discussed is unifying the consumables. The Victor torch option you only have to replace a Nozzle as one piece; apparently they’re cheap enough we could buy bulk and consider providing them.

This is still up for debate, as we did not have accurate price lists in front of us.


We still can use are current nozzles right now, correct? But later we won’t be able to?

Yep! We haven’t switched anything yet. Still investigating parts lists, etc.

Whew!!! I have a couple designs to cut.