Metal Shop Committee Meeting 20210501 @ 12pm

Meeting info:

‪(US) +1 346-808-1794‬ PIN: ‪541 964 318‬#

Meeting Agenda:

  • Chair election / pro-tem position (per last meeting, if elected to the board I’d step down)

Maintenance TODOs:

  • install new metal mesh for blue filter
  • fix powder coating oven (thermal runaway)
  • clean
  • classes as needed

Add finishing the LED light install over the bandsaw. Bulbs wouldn’t fit with long tombstones, I bought short ones but had to use some in the pantry. Do we have a supply of short tombstones now?

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Forgot the open the meet link; it’s open now and we’re waiting a few minutes to start to give people time to join if they wish


  • Tails Hartnett
  • Malcolm Galland
  • John Owen
  • Randy Lisbona
  • HB Smart II
  • Tim Bene


  • 480v is in the scope of current construction work.
  • Per last meeting, Tails Hartnett steps down from chair due to board election


  • Charles voted for Chair in absentia- 5 FOR 1 abstain (Tim Bene) - should Charles decline new election will be held next meeting. @procterc my sincere condolences but I hope you’ll accept anyway
  • Allocate up to $750 for an oxygen monitor in the metal shop as a safety upgrade - Unanimous

Tasks completed

  • Cleaning
  • Last LED fixture installed
  • Evaluated failure on the oven; internal SSR had melted into a closed contact state
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@procterc I don’t know whether to take the silence as acceptance or abject horror

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Both, I’ve got Tim to keep the vice position and asked Randy to be a second vice.


Sheetcam offered an update from V7.09 to V7.11 what problems will happen if this is done?

It will break the runas tool until it can be updated by infra

Unknown; likely going to be a “find out.” Typically minor version updates aren’t likely to break things (7.xx to 7.yy versus 7.x to 8.x)


Good to know