Metal sheet board to hang magnets

Hello everyone,

I need some help to create a metal sheet to hang magnets.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated

Please provide more details like photos of the magnets, intended use, size, budget, where will it be mounted, who will use it.

You can buy magnetic white boards, we can powdercoat steel sheets but magnets are likely to scratch powdercoating.

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Wooden squares of 2x2 with magnet sheet at back needs to be displayed. Wood thickness is 1/8 and 52 wooden squares needs to be fit in there. I would like to make it as inexpensive as possible compared to existing products on Amazon! I can buy a dry erase board to fit all wooden squares for 10$

You won’t be able to make anything for less than the cost of a dry erase board. We might be able to cut a larger dry erase board into smaller pieces the size you want. You could make a nicer wooden frame than what you could buy.

Isn’t it inexpensive to buy a sheet of metal, smooth the edges to powder coat

Probably not. You will be paying the highest price for one piece of steel vs the giant companies making whiteboards who are buying steel in bulk. There will be dozens of different “Brand” whiteboards on Amazon but many will come from the same chinese factory and just have different packaging. There are lots of reasons why you might want to make something vs buy it, but saving money on an off the shelf part is rarely on that list.

Consider how you will pickup and reposition your magnets, if they are in a single row you can probably grab on top and bottom edges but if they are nested tightly in a grid shape there would be no edges to grab except for the pieces around the perimeter.


Got it! It seems like I should skip the part of making it out of metal! I greatly appreciate your help on this .

I agree with Randy. Nothing is going to be cheaper than $10. Your best bet would be to steal the front piece of sheet metal off a fridge or dishwasher that someone is throwing out. That is usually brushed stainless steel. It doesn’t need to be painted and a magnet will stick to it

FWIW, magnets do not stick to either my stainless steel fridge or dishwasher …

Curiously, they will stick to my stainless fridge, albeit not as well as to the metal doors of my barn.