Member in need of assistance

We have a member who is in need of some assistance.

They desperately need a sink and cabinet replaced in their house.

I am looking for someone who can make a sink table that can be installed.

The cabinet being removed is 24x36

I’ll pick up a basic sink and faucet to set in the table.

The plan is to pay a handyman to do the installation.

Let me know if you can help.

Thanks, James


Is the countertop salvageable?

If so, this should fit fine:


The top is not salvageable, but I can pick up a small piece of Formica or something to use.

That cabinet should work fine. Thanks for the recommendation

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I have a basic kitchen sink and faucet I’d be happy to donate.
Stainless steel, double-bowl, should fit in a 36" wide cabinet.