Meet our newest baby: The Thor


To my knowledge it’s just the two feet at this time.


Paging @matthshooter


We currently only have the two feet, I’m working on getting a couple others (left/right foot only, other specialized feet) depending on cost, brands, etc.


10-4, If you don’t mind, I’m going to try to find some. Do you know if Sunny sewing happens to carry them? I looked on their website but that site needs some help.

Yikes, left & right presser feet are about 65$ each.


Welcome to the black hole of sewing! It’s a lot like being an art major in college. Everybody else is grumbling about the cost of their textbooks, when you know that your art supply list will be double their final bill…


@jrkriehn nailed it when she called presser feet the black hole … That’s one reason why people tend to stick with the same brand of sewing machine once they’ve made the major investment in all the different feet.