Meet our newest baby: The Thor


Hold onto to your undies people - The Thor has arrived!

@matthshooter nuzzled it and whispered some sweet words to it


Can we just call it Thor, saying The Thor makes it sound like I have a lisp.


Chris Hemsworth is my pick for a name


Well if we’re picking names I choose

Stabby McStab Hand


I think we should call it Stitcher McStitcherson


Pokey McPokerson


That names been taken. Dont ask by what


On a linguistic level, that last name is akin to the various names around the world that translate to “River River”, or “Mountain Mountain”. For a concrete example, I’ve seen “Alta Vista View”, or High View View. The longest one I’ve heard of is the Derwentwater River. Der, Went, and Water all mean river for their respective time-period and language.


I read that in my Swedish Chef voice and understood it as “there went water river”.


Jorge stage name! Shhhh secret time


Jorge and I back in college.


I’m fairly sure it wasn’t by pickle rick.


Now that’s what a proud daddy looks like lol.


I still like just “Thor”… Wayne, while you work; I’m going to spend some quality time with Thor… :heart_eyes:


Just don’t let Thor smite you, he has a piercing blow…


If someone can give me a model number, I’ll try to find a picture and add it to the tools list on the wiki.

I assume training is required?

(EDIT: Nevermind on the model number. I found it.) Still need to know about training …


Yes training is required. Big time required. For realz required.


OK, thanks. I added it to the tools section of the wiki.


Do we know what feet besides the serrated & bi foot we have? IE do we have a left foot or a right foot?


Do the feet have shoes too?