Meet and Geek / Software Development Social Gathering

When Sun May 19 7:30pm — 9:30pm
Where Interactive Classroom, 1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What All skill levels welcome. All programming languages. Meet new people.

About this Event

Looking to learn something new and gather with other people interested in software development and programming?

This is a social gathering for anyone interested in software.
Bring food and drink.
Bring your projects.
Let’s learn something new.

I plan on having regular meetups and perhaps some lecturers.

Sign up here:



Did i dream that there was a thread on talk announcing LAN party scheduled for the phase 2 expansion completed? I took some liquid melatonin a couple days ago and it tends to blur the lines between dreams and reality for a day or two.

and yes. stating my interest in these meetings, problem is that this time is equivalent to my 5 am. I’ll see what I can do about shoving my sleep schedule around.

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@brenly I welcome anyone to put together a LAN party and present it at the next Committee meeting so we can fund it and get it promoted.


I will provide eth cables, 4 or 5 eight port gige switches, etc.


@brenly, @dougemes since we’re discussing a lan party is there any particular games or genres that we should play?

Quake III Arena


lol i would not be against quake 3 arena. haven’t played in a bit. I tend to play overwatch lately

i presume most people’s vocabulary includes:
age of empires 2. if we get lucky i could just buy another one of those steam summer sale 4 for the price of one packs and just dole out copies as needed.
starcraft 1 and 2 is free nowadays which might make a nice perk to make sure everyone’s compatible.
quake 2/3
artemis ? that’s usually a fun one with low cpu requirements.
others?? throw out some titles~~ hype it up with banners?

If we’re talking about typical Lan Party games then my goto’s are:




In either case, you guys can come up with the titles I’ll provide the ale and pizza plus help funds and PR.

id be game to try MTG Arena, the last time I played electronically, it was with “modem to modem magic” and we could still connect to for card databases.

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Cool, I’m Urzara#60819 on there if you ever want to play any time.

See you all tnight

guess what I forgot at home today… the switches… i meant them for the later lan party, but re-reading this thread made me realize one could read i was volunteering them for tonight…

so, apologies / mea culpa, i will bring the switches up next time

It was an amazing turn out … Thank you all for coming …

Look forward to the next one in a couple of weeks…

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We met some very talented folks, and some very eager folks, and overall an overwhelming success.
Thank you to Draco, and the other unnamed volunteer(s), who provided pizza to the masses. It was much appreciated. We already have 2 guest lecturers lined up for June!!!

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Sick as a dog. missed it. next time!