Measuring Half Grams

I have some herbicide that I need to measure out into 0.5 gram doses. Do we have a scale accurate enough to do this reasonably accurately? My kitchen scale is only good to +/- 2g.


Wow. Thanks.

I think science has a scale for your use also.


Herbacide gets me a bit twitchy.

Now if you were measuring heeerrbbbs duuude. LOL.

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We have a scale that measures to .0001g its limit is 1kg otherwise you will break it. It is only meant for small quantities.
If you want to use it I will be there sunday afternoon to show you.

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Haha. It’s pretty tame as far as herbicides go. Not carcinogenic or mutagenic. It is pretty powerful though. Half a gram to two gallons of water.

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You can get one of these from Cabela’s locally if you’d dont want to wait.

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Fry’s carries small scales as well.

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PSA: Drugs r bad mmmkay :wink:


Not entirely off topic … how about measuring micro-grams

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@FreddyCalvert I wish it were drugs, at least some tame stuff of the Colorado variety - but no, it’s some super special and expensive stuff to rid my yard of a wicked poa annua (annual bluegrass) infestation.

I know, I was attempting comic relief!