Mayco's Antique Bronze

Mayco’s Antique Bronze – 3 good coats, our regular Cone 6. Got a really nice dark metallic shine. I can see just a smidge of gold where the glaze got heavier at the handles, so I’ll be doing 4 coats next time. Still – it’s a good metallic. And it was from the sample kit I got last year, so it’s not especially important whether or not it’s gold.


foodsafe or no?

Huh. My jar is at home. I’ll have to take a 2nd look. I could have sworn it was Bronze. Mayco’s site is… special. I had to guess that it was Stoneware, and then they’re not alphabetical. So I found Antique Brass, which says “not recommended for dinnerware due to surface durability”. Although, that sounds like the entire reason that most of the metallics aren’t recommended for dinnerware. That metallic look just isn’t a hard gloss (or matte), so it can harbor bacteria.

But – I’ll double-check on my jar later.