Material to use for a mask

I’m trying to create a wearable filter mask, shaped something like this (the filter will clip into a insert behind the mouth)

I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a good material to make the mask out of so that I can get a good seal? Or if it’s better to have a rubber lining around the edges of the mask to seal it to a face?

These masks look cool. Great for Halloween! My two cents worth:

I suggest you experiment trying to breath through, whatever filter material, limited the surface area of the mask opening. You may find it unacceptably harder to inhale and it will create more back pressure exhaling through is hard to seal. If you look at the typical mask, the entire surface area is available to filter and will spread resistance.

People already complain about the restricted breathing. The standard cloth masks are pretty easy, my HEPA masks have pleaded filters which greatly increase the surface area but also has an exhaust port. (The mask fits under a welding helmet).

Maybe do a mask similar to the Creature from the Black Lagoon that gill openings to increase opening size and just wear mask under it.

I use the filter in my current mask, so i know that they can be breathed through fairly easily. And I’m not really worried about exhaling, my concern was for sealing on the inhale

I printed this mask in PLA (it uses standard N95 filters) using 0.1mm layer height on my Prusa I3Mk3. Post printing I smoothed with a little fine-grit sandpaper, primed with automotive sandable primer, and painted with cheap craft acrylics (Apple Barrel and similar). I later added some fine details with a black technical pen (see 2nd photo).

I also used closed-cell door weatherstripping to seal the edges. Did an adequate, but not perfect, job.

If you print with ABS, a cold acetone vapor bath and/or buffing with acetone and Q-tips can smooth the print lines. Note that this can discolor the filament finish, so plan to paint afterwards.

Note that the model required modification of the interior to improve air flow from the filter holes to the mouth/nose. The original design was too snug for my face.

Near-final paint job

Final paint details:


I was hoping to be able to just print something once to make a mold for. That way I can start selling them. My two current thoughts are to either embed a plastic lattice inside castable silicone, and put the straps on the plastic lattice. Or to hopefully find a castable material that can withstand the strain from elastic strap. But if neither of those will work. I might look into the ABS and weather stripping option