Makerspace in Fort Worth / Tarrant County?

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Hi Tim, I can answer a lot of the questions about what happened but here is a pretty good write up of what happened.


Speaking as a maker who lives in Tarrant county, I drive over to the exceedingly convenient DMS location at 635/35. If only we could take over Fry’s, we’d have plenty of space. :slight_smile:


Taking over Fry’s would definitely be cool. However my question concerning FW/Tarrant County started with making sure we don’t cannibalize our great current space… Think branch office NOT competitor. Dallas works great for me because I work up the street, I know others don’t come as often because they have no reason to come over this way.

I’m also in Tarrant County. Having a closer MakerSpace would be fantastic, but not at the cost of splitting the equipment that’s at DMS now. Even now though, the drive is worth it, for what I get out of the space.


Our own @Mary_Mathias used to organize Tarrant Makers and still runs the DFW Makers Meetup page. It was interesting, knowing Randy (texrat) and having talked it over with Mary as well as Rich Osman (another board member there), to hear their varying takes on the original Fort Worth makerspace attempt. The biggest thing I’m worried about is fragmenting the group and rarely seeing the awesome folks who make the trek from out west.


The Walsh Makerspace, where i work, is right outside the West side of Fort Worth, about 5-10 minutes from the White Settlement/River Oaks area right off I-30 W, exit Walsh Ranch Parkway. We are open Wednesday thru Sunday.


The Maker Spot is also great.

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I thought that was for residents only?

That’s 10 minutes from me, but alas, no laser.

I’ve been meaning to try out the the maker spot at NRH library, as it is very close to our house. DMS is more of a after-work-on-the-way-home place for me.

Perhaps it was when it first opened, but there have been external memberships since i have been there for the past year. But yes - for the monthly fee you can use it! $50 a month with an additional $10 per family member.

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Oh yeah? I might have to check that out. You all need any Leather Instructors?

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I know we pay a small honorarium to instructors who offer courses, we keep our staff pretty trim though to keep costs down. (i work part time here and have other things/gigs to fill the gaps) it wouldn’t hurt to call and ask my boss though!

Just curious. It’s not like I’m looking for work, but it’s the one skill I can teach, and I like options. :slight_smile: