Maker con in Fort Worth

Tarrant county college is hosting a maker con.

They have openings for booths. DMS will have a booth so we could use volunteers to staff it.

There are also openings for booths and speakers if anyone is interested in their own table.

MakerCon 2023 is coming up in two weeks!

sign up for a booth in Maker Alley, to teach a class in the Make-Along sessions, or give a presentation in the Maker Demo area:

If they want to attend, registration is on EventBee: MakerCon 2023

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How does one volunteer?

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Just state your interest here and we will make an announcement for a volunteer meeting before the event.

I have a commitment that evening, but I can do a morning slot.

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I need to check if I’ve got any existing commitments, but I’d be interested in helping.

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Also interested in volunteering

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Also interested in volunteering wherever needed

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If you are looking for things to display I have some metal working pieces that I bring up to get displayed at the booth.

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This is a little over a week away.

What, if anything is the plan here? I’ve not heard a peep.

Thank you all for your interest. I will post the details on what we are doing on Monday.

Some of the event details are still in flux, such as table size, location and if DMS has a speaking slot on the stage

Details shortly.


Here are the details from TCC
We are excited to have you as part of MakerCon 2023, and we look forward to seeing your creations in Maker Alley. This email is to remind you that you can set up your booth on Saturday, March 25, 2023, between 6:30 am - 7:45 am.

Each participant will be provided with one table and two chairs for their booth. Please be advised that tables for the event will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. However, please remember to bring your own extension cords, carts/dolly’s, and other necessities. We want to ensure that you have everything you need to make your booth display as unique and creative as possible. If you need additional tables/chairs, let us know.

The cafeteria will be open for food, so you can take a break and recharge with some snacks or a meal.

Please note that the MakerCon 2023 will begin promptly at 8:00 am, and we encourage you to be ready to receive visitors at that time.

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Do we have a schedule for people working?
  2. What material will we have at the booth? Or are we having a bare booth?
  3. Who is bringing materials for the booth?
  4. How do we identify ourselves to get in early to set up? Or do we need to?
  5. Do we need to register? It’s free so this isn’t a big deal, but might skew their data if expected or not expected.
  6. This is a downtown Fort Worth location and IIRC there is not a lot of parking. Do you/they have any parking guidance? There’s a large lot across Henderson, but I want to say it has many dire “don’t park here or we will tow and crush your car” type warnings.

Great questions.

  • Do we have a schedule for people working? - not yet, though I can only do morning.
  • What material will we have at the booth? Or are we having a bare booth? - We have some PR branding stuff we will bring as well as some examples of work and our fliers. I’ll also bring the bigfoot lapidary wheel and do some stone polishing live.
  • Who is bringing materials for the booth? - Jack and I were planning on loading up a vehicle and bringing our stuff
  • How do we identify ourselves - I’ll ask about this today
  • Do we need to register? - yes, we will need to register
  • Parking - I will see if I can get us passes for student parking or something

More details to come.

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I’m not going to able to make it.

It sounds like you have plenty of folks for the morning which is the only time I would have been able to be there.

All set up and ready for the show!


Looks great Jimmy, nice work!

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