Make your own resin pen blank class *spots available*


We still have 2 spots open for the 2-part make your own pen blank class for tomorrow night. In part 1 you will make the pen blank mold, then in part 2 you will cast your own blank. You get to keep the mold and blank at the end of the class. Hope any interested parties can make it!


@BarkingChicken you cast the resin, I’ll turn :slight_smile: it into something cool.


Both classes are tomorrow. Did you forget we have people coming into town?


Ugh I guess we’ll people instead of making. This is the worst.


Ugh indeed.

though I am sure we will do the class again :slight_smile:


Hey @pjrezai, I see you grabbed a spot in the mold class, can you also please sign up for the blank class also? I wasn’t able to link them together and will need both registrations. Let me know once you’ve registered and I’ll go approve both. Thanks!


Sure! I’ll do it in a few minutes. I’ll let you know when I do it. Do we need to pay for that one as well?


yessir, I split the cost up for each class. thanks!


Hey John, looks like another member @firemanjack signed up for the other spot. He would be unable to sign up for part 1 and vice versa you would now be unable to sign up for part 2.

Adding both of you to the conversation so we can figure out who wants to drop out as the class write up requires registration to both parts. The class will be held again in the future so hopefully no worries to whomever drops out.


No worries! He can take it. I’ll wait and do it next time. When will you have the class again? Also it seems as though you just had a sublim class that I missed :frowning: sadly I was really hoping to sign up for that too.

Do I need to do anything for this resin class though - like cancel anything?


I will drop, did not see it was part 2.



Appropriate cross posting?


Thanks Jack, I will let you know when we do another one.

@pjrezai go ahead and sign up for part 2 please. thanks!