Make a tooth and come see me on parade!

You probably don’t know but I took a tiny side summer gig as a dinosaur tour guide at Billings productions - they make dinosaurs - badass dinosaurs. Ya buddy. Freaking fabulous dinosaurs. I honestly don’t do it for the paycheck I do it because it’s honestly fun (and it’s so hot I sweat out like 2lbs every time I work).

They are starting to line up birthday parties…doesn’t need to be a kids birthday!! Holla!!! Let me say that again, let’s celebrate adult birthdays with dinosaurs people.

They are also starting workshops

Prices are affordable, you might get a glimpse of my sweaty face, you’ll see things that will blow you away and it’s just a cool thing to do with your bad self. My next work weekend is the first weekend in July. Would love to see makers outside the norm and poking around in wondrousness. Anywhooo you do your thang and I’ll do mine.


My birthday is in July. Can we have a T-Rex tooth-pulling party?

I’ll talk to the people’s!

I was kinda joking. Rex would likely want to keep his/her teeth intact. You manage to avoid cavities for a few hundred thousand years, you probably want to keep them another few eons.

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Rex teeth are cool but check out his street gang older brother the Giganotosaurusimage
Serrated teeth. Yesterday I was describing the difference and I made a little girl cry. So, I make little girls cry at my work because I make them think of a bread knife piercing into a torso of a kitten.

Anyhow…let’s have a party