Macrame Interest?


Is there any interest in learning the art of macrame?



I would be interested, it should be able to be large enough I can see what I am doing

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The fiber hive-mind has been interested in this based on past discussions.

Regular macrame, and especially micromacrame for jewelry (although regular could be translated to that).

If you get something cooking and need supplies, lemme know.

Also, if you do fb, feel free to interest-check in the fiber fb group “Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics” where quite a few of us hang and will see it. Also “Dallas Makerspace Creative Arts” (you can do a post in that public group and share to the Closed Fiberholic one and it’ll save doing a post twice).

Or if you don’t mess with fb, lemme know what you want to say and I’ll do it for you. Pics are great if you have them



Yes please! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done any intricate macramé but do know some basics.



I have been wanting to learn micro macrame. Also I probably have some ceramic slip casting molds to make macrame beads if they would be useful. I can’t really think of anything more 70s (craft related) than a ceramic mold for macrame beads. :grin:



I have a semi large piece in mind as well as smaller items

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I wil post on facebook as soon as I can.

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I just made some beads/medallions specifically for macrame!!!



Should I meet with you, @BarkingChicken and @Edenblue to gain insight on teaching a class?

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I’ll be happy to help! We can talk tomorrow night since we are meeting anyway. Is that ok @BarkingChicken?



Sure, sounds good.

@coffeebean, Have you taught a class before at DMS? If not, I might recommend taking the new How to Teach at DMS class (next one is on the books for Sunday).

Edit: Be sure to let us know if you need any reimbursements. @Edenblue can show you where the forms are if you don’t already know.



Re meeting/classes

I’m happy to help with suggestions remotely (pm, text, etc) but my physical schedule is a fast moving target until mid-June. I can’t even play at dms until then, so just doing my usual behind-the-scenes fiber coordination stuff remotely.

I can give you a few specifics that I’ve seen do well with fiber classes if you want. Lemme know

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I have not taught at the makerspace. Sadly already taking a class on Saturday at the same time as the meeting though. I have taught classes in a different setting, to 2nd through 12th graders, so I kinda know the process of writing up a syllabus and pricing things. If any of that helps…



Will send you a message with my phone number so if I can bug you at times :grin: I already have Lara’s.

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Would you mind PM’ing me this mold you speak of? I was considering the bead rolling tool but this almost sounds infinitely better :smiley:



I have a bunch of macrame beads molds! I will try to get some pictures ASAP. If I don’t get them to you soon feel free to poke me. Or I can just grab as many as I can and bring them to DMS for you to borrow. They aren’t very big so the molds that I have shouldn’t take up too much space. :slight_smile:



Thank you! No rush : )



I would love to see them also :grinning:



Here are a few molds - I feel like I have more somewhere:

Here is small bottle necklace made out of a macrame bead mold so I know I have this mold too:




Ooo, yes, definitely interested!

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