Macrame Class scheduled!

I just submitted a macrame class for Saturday February 1st if anyone is interested.


:slight_smile: yayayayyy!

Awesome…I have been seeing really cool ceramic planters with macrame holders. Maybe we should coordinate my hand building class and your macrame classes :grinning:


Sounds good!!!

Could you give me an idea of what you may be covering? I already know a lot of the basics but I’m awful at coming up with some of my own patterns. Also never taken the time on how to do some of the celtic knots.

The basic knots, and then completing a design. I haven’t decided on the design yet. Have you completed any designs yet?

It’s been over 14 years since I’ve done any designs - as I did a few pieces out of boredom when I learned in HS and only did a few. I started revisiting a few years ago when working on creating a belly dance belt (which is still unfinished) but first thing I did was try to practice with some of the knots I remembered. Granted mostly been doing square knots with beads (plastic ones) on the belt (as if I decide to do faire with my studio I need to have one) and I intend to add a diagonal double half hitches once I get the beading where I want it before doing that and then back to beading.

This first class, i just want to do the easier knots. The second class, I will do the harder knots, but they are easy also. Unless those who sign up already know the basics, then we can do the more advanced. So sign up when it comes up. If you have your own rope, bring it and I won’t charge.

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Do you think it’ll be a wall hanging or a plant holder/basket type thing for the first class?

A wall hanging

Is the macrame class still happening? I was thinking it should be showing on the calendar now but don’t see it

I don’t know how long it takes. But i still have it set for feb 1st. 2-4

Still pending

Is there something else i need to do?

Doesn’t look like it. It appears that the class was originally submitted back on 11 Jan.
That entry was cancelled (twice), and the current iteration (including the $5 detail) was created 01/13/20 9:40 AM. According to the wiki,

Wait 72 hours for it to be reviewed. If there are no issues it will appear on the calendar after those 72 hours.

Quick math indicates that the class should open tomorrow morning, as long as it isn’t stopped by an honorarium auditor for non-compliance. Hope that helps.


It’s 72 hours – so 3 full days for it to automatically drop onto the schedule (for an honorarium class). And, folks will have plenty of time to sign up.

If it was 3 days ago that you put the class on, it’s just waiting for that 72 hrs.

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Ah, ok. I was estimating 72 hrs based on OP date (4 days elapsed), but if cancel/resubmit reset the clock that makes sense why it’s not showing yet. Thx for looking that up


Sorry…newbie on scheduling and kept messing up.


No prob. I did post a heads up in our fiberfrolic fb group (that’s how I knew it hadn’t posted, someone was asking). I think there’s good interest. We’ve had folks ask for macrame over time so I’m glad you’re doing this class

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Any recommendations on what kind of rope material to bring?