Machine Shop Committee meeting 2-27-21 5pm

As a reminder our Machine Shop Committee meeting is this Saturday.

Join us Saturday in the Lecture Hall at 5PM or Virtually at 5pm. The link for the virtual meeting will be posted shortly before the meeting begins in this thread.

If you have any interest in Machine Shop, this includes the PIG SIG, join us. So if your interested in plastics sig, join us. PIG needs some love and attention. Rub its belly by showing up to the meeting. We promise not to look at you like you have 6 arms. Or 4 hooves…

We will have our monthly discussion on equipment status, status on various projects, & what our needs are for the future. If you feel Machine Shop needs a tool or a widget, this is where you ask for it.

We do need to get some things done after the meeting, general straitening things up, mounting of new guards on the lathes, etc…


I’d like to remind everyone that the meeting is today.


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I plan on being there.


Is there a link to join in virtually?

Or dial: (US) +1 929-238-0193

PIN: 493 933 724#

Let’s hope I didn’t fubar it.

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