Machine Shop Cleanup day 2-17-2024

Hey all,
We will be having a Machine Shop cleanup/ organization day next Saturday 2-17-2024 starting at about 1 pm.

Other than typical cleanup, there are other items I’d like to attack. This doesn’t necessarily mean just on the cleanup day. We can do some things before hand & continue if we dont finish Saturday.

The Tormach setup,
We are working on condensing & getting rid of the cart that the monitor is attached too. We have already created a new storage placement inside the Tormach toolbox. Huge shoutout to Tru for getting that design & cutout, it looks great. @trurobertson
We will be remounting the monitor & keyboard. I believe the monitor mount will mount well on the side without much problems. The keyboard/mouse may be a different story & take some thought.

The lathes,
Mounting the DRO on the Colechester & finishing the Shark Z axis scale setup.

Mount the 5C collet holder on the Lathe server rack. Create a rack to hold the various different chucks that we have & take the blue lathe cart out of the equation
Maybe something similar to this

Create a backboard for the Shark similar to the Colchester. Although I am having trouble finding those holders for CXA. We may need to do something similar to this

Milling machines
Create offset shelves off the side of the server racks to hold parallels & 123 blocks. I’d also like to add some other shelves to the milling machine rack.

Just to name a few things & goals.


I will be there .

What about something like this for the Tormach ?

Unfortunately I have a prior commitment and domestic harmony requires I miss this. I’d hoped to push mounting of the complete Interlocks into this, or some time soon.

I wanted to thank everyone for showing up. We got quite a bit accomplished. As usual we couldn’t get it all done.

We did get the Tormach condensed, some how I forgot to take a picture of the new collet holder made from foam.
This it what it looks like now, look Ma no cart.

The Shark, we finished the installation of the DRO, we also fabbed up a holder for the tooling. There will be more to come on that, some more additions.

We cutout the outrigger shelves Saturday & I tig welded the brackets then installed them. We do have some new parallels coming to put on them.

There was quite a few more things that got done, but that this gist of it.