Machine sewing leather

Continuing the discussion from Leather sewing machine class 9/25:

Matt, this class on 9/25 is closed. Will there be another class in the short term? May I ‘monitor’ this class?

Randy Williams

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That’s a 5 year old message. Matt is no longer a member.

That said, I have the same question and interest. Perhaps @dryad2b can offer some enlightenment as to when the next Thor class might be possible.


Here’s a warning – that post is from 2018… If you look at the dates on each post in the thread, you’ll see that they’re dated with a month, and then the two numbers after that are the year.

Rich – Wednesday nights are bad for you, correct? Does Tuesday night work for either/both of you?

edit – not this week, next week.

No particular night is bad for me. I just end up with conflicts. Tues and Thursday are blocked next week (hockey and office hours) M/W/F are open.

Slight clarification. If it has an apostrophe before the two numbers, then that’s a year. If there’s no apostrophe, then it’s a date. So May '18 would be May of 2018. May 18 would be May 18th of the current year.

Sorry. It’s an artifact of the Discourse function upon which Talk is built.


Does next Wednesday 7 PM work for you?

Works for me. I’ve penciled it in on my calendar.

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If this is a Thor class, dibs…

Can’t make a class this week but would love to take a class on the leather sewing machine in the future!! That’s awesome we have one!

Okay. It’s set up. I’ll post on this thread when it’s active.


I am interested as well thanks!

It’s on the calendar now

And here’s the link…

Sadly missed out on this and it looks full now. Let me know if you’re running another or if someone bails on Wednesday, as I’m definitely in.

I’m doing another on the following Sunday at 3pm, but it’s not open for students yet. I’ll post the link when it is.

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Now open. Already one student…

I took the last spot. Thanks!!

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