M61 Vulcan Six Barrel Rotary Cannon mounted on a Prius



Sounds like a Hatcher’s Armory / Automotive collab in the making … haha


It’ll be easier to crowdfund a CNC for Machine Shop. :wink:


Redefining the idea of the Technical.


Mount it facing back to get lead-jet propulsion™.


Would look much better on the Cruel Bus
Maybe a pair of?
Paging @PearceDunlap


Next Lemons race, I say.


Not the Prius of course.


Cruel bus needs something that makes a greater, singular statement. Like that feature of the crème de la crème of technicals, a recoilless rifle :


It would be a guaranteed win. Ha.



That’s 20 rounds of 20mm, or $600

I giggled like a school girl when I saw it go off


It can’t be Vulcan because mounting it on a Prius is “not logical.”


That car needs the bumper sticker I see on a Prius at work:

“Not a liberal”


“0 to BRRRRTTT real quick”