@lukeiamyourfather and DMS featured on HackADay


The link at the bottom of the article for an old tour of the Ladybird space was really cool

It’d be neat if someone could snag it and preserve it somewhere on our main website

@Afloyd might be willing to give it freely… although I’m not 100% sure that us saving it somewhere is more preservative than it being on the yoootoobs…

That’d be fine too, just a YouTube link. I’m on mobile so it was hard to check linky anything. But if this is linked off main dms website, I’ve never seen it (could have missed). If it isn’t, I think it’d be cool if it were linked directly to a YouTube spot (vs embedded in some article). It might already be that way somewhere, but if not, just a suggestion because it’s a cool tour I hadn’t seen

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Here t’is

(I’m assuming all mobile devices allow this) if you tap the title bar in the picturey link,

it’ll load in your yootoobs player…

Same on desktop-y devices, but it’ll open in your browser, and you have to click rather than tap… :slight_smile:

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