Lost Wax Casting Process Assistance for New Member

I am a new member here at Dallas Makerspace. I have completed the on-line class for lost wax casting. I bought a block of Ferris File-A-Wax to shape my product. I have researched the Makespace portal and have not found any classes for scalping wax and spruing, etc. I am designing a walking cane handle. I would like to finish the cane before October.


How do I use this platform “social media” to contact you?

With the team tag, I’ve put this message where it’ll be more visible to the folks that can help you. I understand that there’s a Jewelry Committee meeting tomorrow at 7pm, but it’s not on the Calendar/Events. Probably back in the Jewelry area…

I understand the jewelry meeting is a week not tomorrow I thought it was tomorrow also. I hope to see you there I can’t help because I’m angry teach forging and Wild Kratts

Cool! Thank you. I’ll make every effort to make it

Where are you teaching forging? Metal forging or forging in the forests?

I’ll jump in, before her voice-to-text program scrambles her words. She teaches fold-forming of soft metals for jewelry. She’s got a class for leaves this Friday.

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Thank you ma’am

This is correct. My voice to text message sometimes make some very strange messages. As a way of explaining why I use it is I have actually I’m legally blind and even correcting things is a time. Now to your question both me and Sue teach a variety of forging classes I can’t fold forming and bracelets and such Sue will teach things as interesting as copper bowls and spoons and forks. We working soft-pedal basically primarily cover. We would love to see