Looking to pay someone to 3d render & print this small piece

3d print product.pdf (296.3 KB)

need cost to print and mock up a 3d rendering thanks

this needs to be moved to the Job Listings category or at minimum to the 3D printing category.
Even once it is set up the Plastics area (PigSig) will not be about 3d printing.

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If I am interpreting your drawing correctly, it is a truncated tapered cylinder 4-5” tall. It is a 2.5” circle at the base, tapering to a 3/16” circle at the top.

Looks kind of like a ring mandrel.

If that description is accurate, it’ll be easy to mock up in OpenSCAD. I’ll make an STL which you can download from Thingiverse once it’s done and then you can have it printed at Shapeways out of the material of your choice.

No charge for the design, but printing costs at Shapeways will vary. You might also be able to get someone at DMS to print it for you, but the print time will be measured in hours - not minutes.


Tapering from 2.5" to 3/16" makes for a much more tapered cone than your mockup:

I am assuming a linear taper from the big end to the small end.


I made a “Customizer” version of the part, so you can tweak the min and max diameters, as well as the height. I pre-built a 2.5"–>3/16" x 4.5" tall cone as well, available as a download as an STL without customizing.

KISSSlicer estimates a bit over 5 hours to print on the PolyPrinters using the “Mechanical” defaults. My slicer estimated 44ish grams of filament assuming 20% infill. 100% infill (worst case, but you likely wouldn’t need that much), brings the mass to around 160 grams and 10.3 hours print time. DMS 3D Fab policy is that one must be on site (and provide an access phone number) in case something goes wrong with your print.


Hello. Yes your interpretation is spot on. And thank you for the interest and reply!

Just so were on same page. I’ve attached a couple requests. I know it’s a terrible drawing and you may already have interpreted what I’m wanting, but here they are:

Design Request:

  1. If possible I’d like each section to be flat. For conceptual purposes think about sliding a hose onto it and creating a good seal. You wouldnt want the hose to slide onto a tapered surface. Youd want it sliding onto a flat surface.

  2. Would it also be possible to inlay the diameter size of each section on those flat spots? Ie: label each section with a visible number (3/16 - 2 1/2). That way you can tell what size each section is?


Would it be easier to buy a step bit? A cheap harbor freight step bit will have the markings on it.

Is this what you are seeking? This is 5" tall, with evenly divided steps, with the diameters listed in your original drawing. I can add labels if this is directionally correct. (Note: the top few steps are going to be too small for a readable label).

In what material do you want it printed? PLA is most common for 3D and is suitable for indoor use. It is not suitable for outdoor use or for the temperatures encountered in a parked vehicle.

How many copies do you want printed? and When?

And one way to produce it, in openSCAD:


heightAll = 5;
    count = 12;
   height = heightAll / count;

module draw(z=0,d=0) {
    translate([0,0,z * 25.4 * height])
    cylinder(d = 25.4 * d, h = 25.4 * height);
   draw( z =  0, d = 2.50);
   draw( z =  1, d = 2.00);
   draw( z =  2, d = 1.50);
   draw( z =  3, d = 1.25);
   draw( z =  4, d = 1.00);
   draw( z =  5, d = 3/4);
   draw( z =  6, d = 5/8);
   draw( z =  7, d = 1/2);
   draw( z =  8, d = 3/8);
   draw( z =  9, d = 5/16);
   draw( z = 10, d = 1/4);
   draw( z = 11, d = 3/16);
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