Looking to hire on-site welder

I’m working on an art project to turn an old basketball pole into a flower. I need to weld two large steel “leaves” to the pole. I would be happy to hire someone to do this part for me. I need two triangles of steel, roughly 6 feet long and 6 inches at the base. I’d like the edges to be smoothed a bit so no one will get cut from touching it. These need to be welded to the pole on location in Denton. It’s a residential home, so I’m not sure if it has 220. I would count on 110 only. I may also need help removing some old rusted bolts. I haven’t tried to remove them, but I am pretty sure they’ll need to be cut off.

Also, the pole is old and rusty (but not corroded). Do I need to grind it down before coating in in a rust-preventative primer?

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in this project.

You’ll need to grind the pole smooth before it can be welded. Rust is the enemy of a good solid weld. Plus, if you just paint over the rust, it may continue to spread under your paint.

@zacharymarkson – is this something you’d do?

That sounds a little out of my skill range

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Well, not the whole pole, just where the weld bead is going to be.

How thick is the plate?

Not sure. You can kinda see he opening at the end of this bit. That should give a better idea. It’s got a 13" circumference.