Looking to commission leatherworker for costume piece

Hello! Thought I’d cast a net here to see if there are any leatherworkers here that would be open to a commission. I’m looking to have someone make Immortan Joe’s two belt gun rig from Fury Road. I have the pattern and measurements, but it’s way above my skill level. Here’s a picture of the setup and if you’re interested I have a lot more I can send your way.

I’m wanting this done by the premiere of Furiosa on May 24th, so there is a deadline. Thanks!

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I’d love to tackle it, but I’m not sure that I can find the time to do it. When are you next at DMS? Maybe we can go over it, and figure something out?

That is a good project there!

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I’m going to be up there in the next few days to do some lasering for other parts of the costume. I’m a novice leatherworker - I can do some pieces, but the part that I will have the most trouble with is the padding and edging. Here’s an image. If it was just straight cut leather, no problem, I’d laser it and be done with it. But the belt has the rounded edge stitching and looks “padded” and I’m no good with that.

I should say, I am MORE than willing to put the work in to do this myself, but some parts of this are beyond my skill - so if someone is willing to hold my hand through working on this, that works too!

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I can do that! I’ll be there this evening, most likely tomorrow evening, and the majority of the weekend. You’ll find me around Creative Arts for the most part