Looking for work ASAP

Hi my names Jay and im looking for work asap. Iv been sober 3 years now. The past few years iv repaired computers to cars. I used to pick up electronics and computers from a ewaste sights and repair or harvest parts and sell them. I also would help my mechanic friend for years until he died when his shop burned down last year. Im a quick learner and I just love fixing things. My living situation is changing soon and cant afford my own place yet. I have a running vehicle and and a valid Texas drivers license. Im willing to drive a good distance for a good job. I have a spotless record if you ran a background check. I dont know how to make a resume with all the odd jobs and experiences iv had. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for reading.


I don’t know of any current job openings for you, but I would advise you to do the following.

  1. Create a resume for the job you want. That is if you want a mechanic job create a resume that highlights your mechanic skills. If you want an electronic repair tech do the same. At the top of the resume you indicate you are looking for a job in the automotive repair field and you have worked on domestic and foreign cars (if you have)

  2. Put it up on lots of job boards like Indeed and Monster. Create a good LinkedIn account.

  3. Lastly, I can highly recommend this place for help:

Career/Finance Care – St. Andrew Methodist Church They helped me greatly when I was looking for work. If nothing else it will help you network.

The most important thing is to get active, aggressive and enthusiastic about your job search. St Andrew also provides a career survey free of charge to help you figure out what you want to do. (At least they did several years ago.)

Best of luck.


It looks like there are openings for technicians in this post

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Not sure if you are still looking. A friend sent me this.

I am not affiliated with auto zone at all.

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Enter the following into your favorite search engine: “jobs tutor” followed by math, science or stem.

The pay varies all over the place, but the hours are somewhat flexible and you will be directly helping someone.