Looking for the Dynatorch Instructional Video's on the server


I took the Plasma Cutter class and we had videos that we watched for the class. I believe they were on the N:\ drive in the metalshop folder but I’m not able to find them. I didn’t know if the instructors are the only ones that can access the videos, or I’m not looking in the right place, or they were taken down.

I wanted to watch the video’s at home and be able to reference them when I use the Dynatorch since I’ve just started using it.



Well that’s interesting, I thought I put it on the committee drive



99% sure it only ever made it to the G-drive workspace…and we discussed how to make them available to non-instructors, but never actually settled on a good way…



Is the G:\ available to everyone or just instructors? I didn’t know if part of the reason for keeping off of the N:\ drive was to make people take the class so they would get hands on training and not just watch the videos and try to use the machine.

I know DMS has a youtube channel, one of the videos is on how to use the Multicam CNC machine. If the video is available for anyone to look at could it just be put there?