Looking for Source of wood award plaques


Can someone please point me to an affordable source of wooden award plaques? Size of 8x10 inches. I need to make a recognition plaque for a non profit group leader.


Honesty, unless you have very unusual or very specific requirements, this could be made at 'Space in Wood Shop and/or Laser areas in a day. This assumes you have requisite training and that time considerations are not an issue.


We have a brand new router. You may be able to ask a trained member to help make you one out of a nice piece of wood.

It would take a half-hour, including measuring, cutting and sanding. Not hard at all.

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are cheaper options, but I’ve seen raw pine wood plaques there.


I can get 8x10 genuine alder plaques from JDS Industries for $8 each. How many do you need? I can have them at the Space Thursday evening.



Thank you for the offer. I’ll have to pass. I won’t be able to make it to the space until next month.


No problem. Let me know if you want me to pick some up in the future for you.