Looking for someone who can sew new front pockets onto a pair of canvas shorts

I own a much beloved pair of canvas shorts, however both front pockets have torn/degraded into little more than a prime opportunity for lost valuables.

I’m looking to happily pay someone to sew 2 new front pockets (perhaps an inch deeper than the original pockets), using a sturdy enough fabric to last as long as the shorts themselves.

If you possess these magical sewing abilities that I do not, and wish to help a man in need while making some money, please IM me at your convenience.

Thanks in advance.


:musical_note: You never knew…
that I possess magical sewing abilities :notes:
:notes: and love to help a man in need
while making some money :musical_note:
:notes: Please find me in the living room
or at a bar called O’Malley’s. :musical_note:

Your Own Lovely Lady



Maybe you two should get together and have a heart to heart about buttons and outboard motors!


He’s my guy. We are very much together. :wink:


A simple repair/extension is doable, and no seams will show on the outside, but on the inside you’ll see where the new fabric was grafted on- that’s a fast fix. If you want it to look as if it were stock, that’ll take longer.

I’ll be at fiberfrolic tonight if you want to bring them by tonight, Otherwise you can stuff them in my makerbox - which is on the 3d fab side of the building, my box is facing Science. I’m the only Amelia.

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I suspect that this repair has long since been completed.

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You’d be incorrect! Still need them fixed! I will try to stop by Fiberfrolic tonight.


Thank you so very much. I will try to stop by Fiberfrolic tonight, schedule permitting. Otherwise, I will drop them in your maker box.

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Sent you a DM. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!