Looking for online college or colleagues

I doubt that makerspace can open with in the month, and i don’t know when i can get job to pay the member dues. I am looking for reasonable online colleges and online colleagues that can collaborate over the topic of electronics. I do need to socialize, but i don’t see a good reason to socialize when i don’t really have the funds for fun. Most adult socializing and playing requires money that i don’t have. I believe that investing what i can in my skill set benefits myself, or society or future employer. Any suggestions?

I’m taking online summer classes through the Dallas County Community College system. They’re all online this summer, so maybe you can find a class that interests you there, here’s the catalog. I know you said specifically electronics, but maybe something else will pique your interests so you can learn a new skill!

MIT OpenCourseware


So no one in electronics does zoom?

I do not, but others might. You should check out various podcasts for interactive sessions. Soldersmoke is one that takes callers, as was Chat With The Designers until one of the hosts passed away.

Electronics can be a very solitary hobby for many. You’ve got to put in the hours of brain-sweat equity to be good at it.

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hmm Brain sweat equity… So… would a 3d printer be brain sweat equity? What project do you think is moderate and noble?

Try some of the online forums like All About Circuits.

So let me back this up… What if “I” where to try to do a zoom meeting for electronics. Would anyone be interested? Lets say i have project and some guys who like instructing… can advise me… then afterwards a have kind of roast of my bad electrical work.
As incentive…
Maybe we could start off with roast joke of
Question “How many led bulbs does it take to screw up Tom?”
Answer( square root of negative one… which is and imaginary number… he is a maker space person in a downed economy … he is already screwed up."