Looking for local Hobbyist / Small Business person at Makerspace that makes ceramic bowls for sell

This is a two parter, First I’m looking for some simple glazed bowls 4”-5” dia 2”-3” tall red and blue have sold good lately but interest in more variety to accent some of my charcuterie boards and cocktail smokers that I sell at Art / Craft shows and online. I can send pictures of previous bowls to show style I’m looking for ish… lol. Could I ask for some of your Artist FB page or website so I can look a buy ? Or contact me directly to talk ? I look at shows and purchase 10-20 every couple of months as needed and love to find someone at Makerspace hustling also. Second part is a collaboration on possibly making a piece for a customer. I have a lady that fuses glass art and has a piece probably going into a gallery or at least for sell to a collector and she wants a wood base and tree limb style support columns for her “Fairy Forest”. I have a live edge walnut base, and thought about a 3’ ish round clay tree limb about 20” tall with a 1/4”-1/2” channel in the side to support the large glass art piece with maybe like short stump limbs coming out here and there? That’s you part of the collaboration and this will pay, we just have to figure out how to price.

Let me know,
Thank you,
Keith Hall




There are plenty more I could tag here but I’m sure on of these three can assist.

If not I’d be happy to help as well

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Thank you for the leads :slight_smile:

Thank you sir