Looking for leather

Hey I’m looking for 1/4 yard of thin leather I want to try and see if I can get it made into a bow tie. Let me know if any one has any on hand.

Does color matter? Also, veg or chrome tanned? And what would you consider thin?

I’m not to worried about color has I’m doing a test. Thin enough to be easy flexible. Not sure about veg or chrome.

I plan on being at dms this weekend. Sat noonish. Maybe Friday pm. I can bring some samples. Will either of those times work for you.

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Let’s say Saturday noon.

Ok, 7654321

There is still a big box of samples of thin upholstery leather in the back corner of CA by the leather cabinets as far as I know. There might be a some that are a quarter yard. Might be worth checking out to see or at least get an idea of thinkness.

I believe the samples are 10x10 inches on the larger side so technically just over a quarter yd

That’s kinda what I was thinking too, I know there are two sizes in there, there were some smaller ones around 4/5 in, but 10 was sounding right in my head. Might be perfect for this really.

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Awesome I’ll check that out

I donated those and I have others. If you’re looking for the upholstry leather in particular.

I looked at the leather today and unfortunately they are all to small