Looking for leather recommendations

Hello all!
I thought it best to post here while I’m searching the interwebs at the same time. Tandy doesn’t have the leather I’m after. I’m starting the process of making a Nightingale costume, and sourcing the right type of aged finished leather (not raw veg tan) is proving difficult. If anyone has recommendations, I’d be grateful :slight_smile:

The main armor is not black as compared to the gauntlets which are closer to pure black. Details for what I’m looking for are as follows:

  • Black/Brown overall tone
  • Faint brown/red grain
  • Matte/dull finish
  • Large grain
  • Scarring and imperfections are welcome
  • 1-3oz

The other alternative is finding a leather that’s close enough, but then weathering all of it by dulling the finish, scratching it up, etc before cutting and assembling.

Mainly looking for stores around DFW that might have some, or even online places if they have good images online. Thanks for any suggestions!


https://frogjellyleather.com/ They are in Arlington and have a “showroom”.


Thank you!! I didn’t know about them!

I know this doesn’t actually answer your questions… But FYI

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It’s at least a starting point. I haven’t done much in the way of leather at the space, mostly just work on my Mini.

I was going to suggest Frogjelly as well. They are actually in Mansfield I think - just off I-35W and in the back of a small warehouse development (you won’t see a sign, so look for an access road by the used car dealer, just past the bath supply store.) You might want to call before you go to make sure they are open (they are a small operation) but they have lots and lots of leather in pieces and in full hides. If you want a distressed look, you might focus on utility leather. For smaller chunks of black leather that is sueded one side/finished on other side, we have a few bags of same leftover from the garage sale yesterday. Not many large pieces, but chunks that could achieve the “pieced” look your photo indicates.

My last order was also from froggy

Just found these online. I’m curious if there’s anywhere in town that could split the thickness down from the 9-10oz to something in the realm of 2-3oz. These sides are great and nothing a little touch of dye wouldn’t make perfect. I’ll keep looking just in case.