Looking for help with big steel tv mount

Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to use or know where I could dispose of a big steel TV mount/stand? It held a TV and has a compartment for holding a PC… It was a display in the office I work at and the TV and computer stopped working. I don’t know if anyone could use it as it is? Or perhaps cut down to recycle it somehow? Or maybe just know of a location I can dispose of it? It is pretty heavy and I don’t want to just dump it at the dumpster at my apartments…

whats it look like?

You might want to add the Maker Trade category to this, or cross-post.

Neighborhood Facebook pages are good for getting rid of stuff too.

Sorry, bad picture, I know….

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Thank you, How do I cross post?

No need to cross post, I’ll edit the category.

@Jcgalik @skyspook @mrjimmy @Julie-Harris do we want any digital signage that can be moved?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Up to the COO @yashsedai but we could probably find a use for this.

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I believe we can use this! Where is it located?

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In my garage… I can bring it whenever you wish :slight_smile:

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Awesome! You are welcome to bring it whenever you like and leave it in the warehouse on the 102 side! We would really appreciate it!

It has been delivered! I put the bolts and washers that go to that part that mounts to the tv inside the computer compartment of it


thankyou for thinking of the DMS!