Looking for Bamboo Ply Panels

Looking for a source (ideally local) to buy some large sheets of bamboo ply (1/4,1/2,3/4 inch).

Looking for 5-7 panels to make cabinets.

Anyone seen them driving distance from Dallas?



Let us know if you find it! I’ve wanted the same thing but haven’t looked too hard.

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When I’ve looked in the past it’s always been something that had to be special ordered, and was expensive. Been at least a year or two since I last checked, but wood world was willing to order it in.

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Well… I’ve been in touch with a plywood company in Boston about a pretty large order I’m going to place soon. They sell 1/4 and 3/4 bamboo ply (horizontal and vertical) in natural and caramelized. I had him check on 1/2” which is what I need. He can get 6 sheets of caramelized with a 6 month lead time beyond that.

PM if you want to talk to him.

Possible piggyback on my order if you’re interested. Divide shipping costs based on relative weights of orders. Probably cut shipping in half.

I called around and got a lead for someone in Houston that distributes bamboo ply. Going to call on Monday see if its a good match.

I’d be willing to invest in a full pallet mixed sizes if I had a place to store them with easy access; bet I could sell off to offset shipping on CL.

Probably could sell. Let me know if he has 1/2” vertical natural.

The order I’m placing is for marine okoume plywood and I’ll probably have him throw a couple sheets of bamboo on for me to play with. Wish the stuff wasn’t so expensive. It grows like grass.

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