Looking for Assistance on Prototype design for 3d Print

Hey all!

Not sure if this is the current place to post

I’ve previously visited cons with an interactive gaming experience a few year back. I am getting requests to return but am still working on a new experience and I could use some help.

I’m looking to create a prototype for a modular arcade stick that slides / snaps / connects (take your pick) into a frame connected to an arcade cabinet. The idea being that someone keeps the stick but visits various machines that they can connect to for a unique experience.

I’m not the best with 3d modeling at the moment, and I’m hoping someone (or a group) can collaborate with me to create the design for the stick and the bracket that attaches to the machine for a 3d printed prototype.

I would love to give compensation for the help too! If this sounds like something that interests you feel free to let me know! If this needs to go somewhere else, let me know too.


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This sounds like something I could possibly help with. No Guarantees. I mostly do my modeling in Blender, but I’ve messed with FreeCAD before, and given the improvements they’ve been making I ought to give it another look some time.

The only Arcade related model I’ve ever made was a custom octagonal gate for an Arcade stick (I wanted to replace the stock Square gate). I basically found a 3D model of the same square gate, then modified it to have the shape I wanted. It fit perfectly!

Have you ever made a custom Arcade stick before? I haven’t, but I’m in the middle of a roughly similar project, so I’m in over my head learning as much about electronics as I can. It seemed simple enough when I drew up the schematic, but before I design the PCB, I need to nail down the exact components I’ll use…

It sounds to me like the best course of action is to design a custom box to contain the stick, as well as however many buttons you want to go with it. Arcade sticks and buttons are all pretty standardized, so do your research and decide which components best fit your use case (the most variation is likely to be in the stick selection, not the buttons). Once that’s done, a simple USB Connection should suffice. The whole unit could simply rest in a bracket that fits snugly. Said bracket could probably be made of wood, instead of being 3D Printed. That would drastically reduce your print time, given the size of the typical Arcade stick.

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