Look at my programming and tell me what i screwed up (javascript > json > sqlite)

I believe my error lies in the functions found at line 47 and 52. the tables aren’t populating and the html page loads every other time (due to a non prexisting database conflict.)

can someone tell me what one stupid mistake I’m making? I’m new to this particular type of project. thanks!

This sounds like something you might want to bring up during the socialization and coding part of DMS Coder Night

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edit: just read the itenerary for the meet ups forehead slap i’ll see if i can sneak checking the google meetup while im at work. if it’s slow. i would propose staggering the events on different nights to see what different attendances you get. different people have vastly different schedules and saturdays are routinely the worst day for me.


What nights could you join 7pm - 11pm?

I’m typically free sunday monday tues. my job will have us work from home starting soon so i might get a lil more flexibility with what i’ve got up on my other screens

I may do Saturdays and Tuesdays then. I’m realizing now that most of the meetings probably won’t have speakers. I think that’s fine. The NSCoderNight I attended in Seattle never had speakers and it had good attendance.

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