Logic Analyzer class - 9/3, 7pm

Hey folks,

The Electronics Committee has a pair of the ES-DLA-16 16-Channel USB Logic Analyzers and I just finished putting together a slide deck for training. A class has been put on the calendar (pending approval) for 9/3 at 7pm for 90 minutes.

This is not a basics level course. You need to have a basic understanding of digital electronics, but I will be covering Truth Tables as a part of it.

I still have to figure out how to get the Google Meet event scheduled and added to the calendar event.

The slides for the deck will be made available in .pptx and .pdf (with Notes View) after the training on the Committee Drive for folks who want to review on their own to use the logic analyzers. The slides were done using the PowerPoint template that I posted out to the Wiki server.




It’s live and ready for signups!


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5 registered, 4 attended. LOTS of questions at the end…

And I couldn’t find the dang button to record it.


My .pptx presentation, driver installation files, and software installation for the app are all on the Committee drive under Electronics.

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For next time…

Sorry I missed the class…crazy busy week on this end. Please host it again. :pray: