Log Prep Class Request

Are any of our expert wood turners available to teach a class in how to safely cut and prepare logs as bowl blanks?

This would ideally show how to use a sled, and how to clean the bandsaw blade if sap gets on it so it cuts cleanly, doesn’t shred wood, and keeps the blade useable. Students should all get hands-on experience, and a blank to take home with them.

@skeeter kindly cleaned up a mess on the Laguna bandsaw from someone who was most likely unfamiliar with the right way to prep blanks.

If ever a class deserved an honorarium for preventing accidents and tool damage, it’s this one.


Expert might be stretching it a bit, but I can do a class on this. Does @Team_Woodshop or anyone know the status of the electric shop chainsaw? Its been a couple years since I used it and I recall that the auto oiler was not working correctly and it was butter knife sharp. I can grab a chain for the class and bring oil if that is still the case. I would plan to structure the class like this…

  1. selecting wood for bowls, grain direction, planning the cut, etc.
  2. General chainsaw safety
  3. breaking down a log with the electric chainsaw - outdoors
  4. marking and cutting out the bowl blank on the bandsaw
  5. cleaning the bandsaw and blade of debris after cutting
  6. how to mount a bowl blank 3 ways (between centers, screw chuck, waste block)
  7. if time allows we can go over the sled, but bowl sized wood is better cut with a chainsaw to get a flat surface before it goes to the bandsaw. But small bowl blanks and other small work can be done on the sled.

@shoottx had a new blade to be installed on said saw Sunday evening. I think @prl2018 was going to install yesterday.

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I like it! Thank you!

Some of us don’t/can’t use chain saws, and the main goal of this for me is to prevent bandsaw-related accidents and breakage. Would you consider doing both, especially if the chain saw won’t always be properly maintained?

I think the sled is important, and I would prioritize that over mounting the blank on the lathe, because I believe that’s part if the bowl turning class.

Hi, I wasn’t here yesterday. Too darn nice of a day! Just checked around and didn’t see a new blade. @shoottx

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I just remember Mike handing it to somebody, while we were talking in the Common Room. But then I’m old, and maybe I imagined him handing it off…


Just talked to Mike and we do have a new blade - I doubt I’ll get it on today but tomorrow for sure.

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I think this is a great idea - Think we could cover user sacrificial supports as well?

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Sure! I think @Holliday is right. We should do a chainsaw class and a bandsaw class separately. Im pretty comfortable on the bandsaw but would want to research / build some better jigs before doing a class. There are some jigs that use the miter slot that seem better suited for larger logs.

I think a class covering blade changes, general maintenance, using the correct setup for large and small round pieces, and cleanup would be a good one. I’ll look into getting some things made / learned and set something up for both classes.