[Located] Missing little blue vase unloaded from kiln last week

Hey guys! My little blue vase in the center of this photo was taken out the kiln last week sometime and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on the shelves. Not sure if it was potentially taken by accident or somehow misplaced but I know 100% that’s my piece. The little markings on the edge of the cookie is something I do to remind myself which other cookies it’ll fit with for slightly larger pieces - I don’t tend to make varying sized cookies, just that shape and puzzle them together. The glaze combo is also glazes I have at home - mayco blue opal under night moth. If anyone may know what happened to it I’d greatly appreciate you reaching out :black_heart:

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I am sure it got picked up by accident…there were quite a few blue glazed items on the shelves. Keep an eye out for it…if someone did take it by accident…they will notice and return it. Did you have a makers mark on it by chance?

Ashlynn! I’m so sorry, I picked it up! I made a lot of tiny blues and thought it was one of mine. I will be back up at the space tomorrow before 2:30pm to put it on the shelf.


Jamie some how i knew it was going to be you :joy:….so many blues!!! Gorgeous work y’all!!!

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No worries! Thank you so much!