Lobby Shelves & PR Meeting

A HUGE thank you to @Team_Metal_Shop and @Team_Woodshop for the lobby shelves. They are absolutely amazing!

We will discuss the lobby shelves at the next PR Meeting - rules (if any) for putting things on the shelves and hopefully decide on something to make for the middle of the shelves.

The PR meeting is here:


The shelves are even more beautiful in person. They are live edge, and the “caps” on the ends of all the horizontal supports have plasma cut DMS logos in them. Thanks to everyone for making these.


I know Printmaking would like to hang a couple of frames with matted prints from some of our classes on the wall.


Sent you a PM

The shelves are absolutely gorgeous! Was wondering about them. And I love the display on one shelf showing “what you can make from Texas trees”. Beautiful work.


Here’s a photo of the end caps. Someone (or someones) did some nice work on those. Thanks.


Credit to Randy


@nugen got checked off on the cold saw, bridgeport mill, mig and tig, and practiced till he was ready to weld the lower legs, we plasma cut a bunch of plates, drilled and tapped them, and made a positioning jig to recess the plates in the ends of the tubes about 3/8" for welding. The end caps on the shelf supports were a last minute addition, I welded all but one, used a scotchbright wheel to clean them up, then an oxy acetylene torch to oxidize them to match the pickled finish of the tubing, we had to wire brush the tubing to remove some rust and took several cleanings with mineral spirits to get the oil off, then wiped with a rust inhibitor. I wasn’t sure if we needed leveling feet but thought I better do it cause the bottom shelves would need to be lined up, i was surprised how unlevel the floor is especially on the left side.
It took too long but was a fun project.
We tried to match the style of the existing bench in the lobby.