Live edge and epoxy machine abuse

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Precisely why I’m getting my own CNC router at an expense of nearly $10k. Don’t ever know the status of a machine down there because of inconsiderate and/or unintelligent idiots.

I thought live edge and epoxy were allowed in the drum sander? Thought that was one of the primary purposes of it.

Neither are allowed in the planer though, but I wouldn’t necessarily bet on those items specifically being why our planer is jacked. It gets heavy use and as a result heavy abuse.

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it wouldn’t hurt if we got one of these blade hone.
Although they are sold for joiners, a planer is just a longer joiner blade. I use this on mine. It’s not going to fix nicks and cracks caused by misuse but a quick hone before starting does clear up some problems. If by chance we already have one it should be readily available for people to use (that means gotta be able to find it). cheers!

Live edge wood is just dimensional lumber without a straight edge. Curvy edges doesn’t damage machines. Epxoy can dull blades and burn sandpaper, so i get it, but live edges don’t impact samding or planers.

And honestly maybe take a different approach from name calling, it truly makes your point lose its message and just comes across as whining.


Per the committee meeting today,

Fully cured epoxy (7 days to fully cure) is permitted on the table saw, planer, chop saw, horizontal sander, combo sander, hand sanders, bandsaws, CNC, and the spindle sander with no exceptions.

Fully cured epoxy is permitted on the drum sander if you bring your own drum paper.

No epoxy is permitted on the jointer.

Be excellent, clean up your dust, and be particularly gentle with your cuts as the dust will easily clog sand paper or melt onto blades (particularly band saw blades.)

While we have some users who damage tools through lack of knowledge, all of DMS is a learning shop. We all learned not to make mistakes somewhere, for many of us it’s here at DMS. That doesn’t make anybody an idiot, it makes them a student of life, and a member of our community.

Edit: live edge is permitted on all machines as long as it’s not covered in bark.


Both jointer and planer have helical heads with square(ish)carbide cutters.

thanks. do the cutters need to be rotated every so often?

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They do…I forget if they are 2- or 4-sided? But it’s nice that, as expensive as they are, a single set can last a really long time. They are also able to be individually replaced if one or two meet up with a nail or whatever, and resharpened à la the Easy-Tool carbide cutter method.


Planar are 4 sided, I believe the jointer is 2 sided.


The concern about live edge isn’t about the curved edge, it is about not having all the bark stripped off. The bark is where all the dirt and grit that has landed on the tree might get embedded as the tree grows, and can wear out the blades faster than normal.


Will, I was the woman at the woodshop who you were very rude to yesterday. I am also the person you just called a bonfied idiot, not appreciated. I am capable of reading signs and not where on the drum sander did it say that I could not use epoxy. And this was not live edge.

The way you are handling yourself and ‘name calling’ doesn’t seem like a great approach to education. If this machine cannot handle epoxy then it needs to say so because that was also not talked about in my training, like you said it was.

I promise I am not out to ruin your equipment and or projects and I am very discouraged by your inability to handle this in an adult manor.


Ian I appreciate you letting us know this. Thank you.


Is it ok to use standard dust collection?


I’m not sure I understand the purpose of your question. Can you explain the background behind your question?

I wasn’t sure if epoxy or plastics could go into the felder

Ah gotcha. Yes, the Felder is capable of dealing with epoxy/ plastic dust.