Liquidation of electronic components

I’m in the process of liquidating the assets of my deceased father’s small research and development firm in Richardson. I found an old thread from your group discussing the closure of Tanner Electronics and other similar stores that used to buy such components, and I would like to know if there are any places this group suggests might still buy electronic components, like LCDs, microchips, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, relays, etc. oscilloscopes, Fluke meters, testing equipment, wire wrap equipment, circuit boards, etc. I am working on general inventory but would rather sell bulk lots locally than list all these items individually on eBay. Most components originally purchased from Mouser, Digikey, Newark, etc. So far I have mainly found recycling/scrap buyers online, but I know that much of the inventory is still usable and would prefer to go to someone who can use the stuff.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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I would separate it into “high value” items like test equipment and “low value” items like parts and then sell the higher value items in ones and twos on ebay/local/maker trade etc, and sell the parts in bulk to a place that specializes in that.

Do you have some photos or samples of the types of parts? Depending on what they are you could get a better deal from one type of bulk dealer. If they’re old vacuum tubes you’ll have a totally different place you should sell them to then old vintage 74xx parts or arcade parts for example.

There’s a few folks at DMS that might be interested personally if that’s something you’d want to do as well, depending on volume and price obviously. I maintain a lab at home for work and I’m always looking for test equipment and parts if they’re of the right type.

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Thanks for the quick response. I am currently in the process of exactly that—separating the higher value items that would be worthwhile to actually find an interested local buyer or list on eBay, etc. Then there are literally 1000s of components that individually aren’t worth as much, but I think would have some value to someone with a small company, hobbyist, or someone needing teaching materials. Would be selling for a drastically reduced price from list price.

I would be happy to send some photos of any items of interest. I’ve only just signed up for this forum, and would like to be respectful of its members, so I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to post photos of items for sale to the whole group, or if I can just send directly to those interested. I will take photos tomorrow.

Thanks again!

Feel free to list or photograph items of interest. Discourse allows direct photo uploads. Post in this thread or make a for sale post in makertrade.

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SDS1202X-E Super Phosphor Oscilloscope, like new
Asking $200

You’ll have more luck if you post a new topic in the MakerTrade category. Probably start a thread for each major category so you’re not doing a 100 posts, but like one for test equipment one for parts etc.

For anyone who did see this, this is a great scope and support SCPI commands over ethernet. I have my programmed to take measurements for some HAM experimenting that I’ve been doing and it’s a dream to work with. Also, depending on the exact model it may have an open source LiteX module for the FPGA that’s in it, which could be fun to play with as well.

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Will do. I have a dozen large power supplies I was going to do next so I’ll head over there to post with that as a new topic.

Many thanks for all the help!


We might be interested in some power supplies in the Science area for the nuclear fusion project or industrial robotic arms.

Just posted a lot of 6 power supplies for sale on Makertrade.


Thanks! For the robot arms we could use a 200v DC power supply. I’ll pass this on to the fusion crowd and see if there’s anything they could use.

Hi @Pamalla I’m definitely interested in the oscilloscope. Is it still available? I could meet you at the space tomorrow or elsewhere if easier.

@Pamalla I’m reluctantly interested in some of the components to add to my component stash for vintage electronic repair and experiments. Only reluctant because we might strike a deal :slight_smile:

I am available to see what you have and discuss price. PM me if interested.

We are in the process of launching a new non-profit, Launchpad Incubator (, and would love to buy the whole lot from you.