LimeBike Kickstand Broken [Not DMS Property]

ISSUE or REQUEST: LimeBike kickstand is broken

Affected Tool or Resource: LimeBike kickstand is broken

Committee, Group or Volunteer who usually handles this type of ISSUE or REQUEST (Please tag using the @ symbol. A list of current groups that can be “mentioned” is maintained at this LINK.): I’m not sure which department/person handles the Lime Bikes out back.

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I was wrapping up a power cable in the parking lot this morning. The cable caught the back tire of the bike and it fell over, apparently snapping the kickstand off of the bike. I imagine the cold helped the weak kickstand to snap, but wow! My apologies to whoever handles/manages these bikes. Let me know if I need to pay for it. (Opinion: how crappy are these bikes that the kickstand breaks when the bike falls down? When I was a kid, bikes could get thrown around without anything breaking… OMG, I’m my dad now…)

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Please tag correct team: @Team_LimeBikeKickstandRepairers

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Allen is officially in charge of Bike Acquisition & Management



These DMS sub-groups are getting a little out of hand. haha


In reality, I think someone with the LimeBike app can report the bike as broken. DMS doesn’t handle it nor do we have a partnership lol

If anyone is listening from LimeBike, shyte sites like this, which provide a “service” on someone else’s real estate, as a “public service”, but don’t allow the public to feedback, really suck.
Anyone who observes a broken LimeBike should be able to browse to the web site and fill out a “busted stuff” form…

If this is really Allen’s purview, hopefully someone will tell him in person, as @Know is not, has never been, and probably never will be, active on Talk, which begs the question of why that’s even here…

Isn’t just littering to leave rubbish around? Maybe call the city for waste pick up?

But, if you don’t give them your personal information, how will they make money selling it?

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