Lightburn Practice

In the class I remember something about a version of lightburn we could log into and practice before we went to the space. Does anyone know how to find it?


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You can access lightburn on the Jump Server to either practice or set up your file before heading to the lasers - it is highly recommended to setup your file in this way before using the Laser computers, to reduce the amount of time you’re taking up the laser.

You can also get a discount on Lightburn if you want to get a license for yourself

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Hello! I’m trying to get acquainted with lightburn. What login would I use to get onto the jump server. I tried both my DMS and my talk logins. Neither are working for me.

It’s just going to be your DMS username and password. You may need to put “dms\” before it, like “dms\skyspook”.

Got it thank you so much!

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